The powers of love and luck are with you today, Aquarius. If ever you feel that something isn’t going to work out for you, or that the odds are against you in something you want to pursue in the days ahead, know that you are protected, guarded, and guided by a benevolent and powerful force. The more you trust in that feeling, the more you will begin to feel comfortable in going beyond self-imposed limits and expectations. Allow yourself to lean on a sense of empowerment. Believe in it and you can make magic happen.

Really, what I think I need to take away from today is to just let everyone deal with their inner turmoil on their own. Lend a sincere ear and shoulder for others but don’t let their issues weigh on my own shoulders. I live in my own reality that keeps me safe, happy, and at peace - yet I’m still aware of what I need to be aware of.

Well, ask and you shall receive :)

Baby girl must’ve heard me talking/venting to her tonight and she’s letting me know that I’m not the only happy go lucky type of person in this world.

I’m feeling her move for the first time tonight and I’m falling more and more in love with this little one.


To have meaningful conversations with someone, anyone. Not “how was your day?” or “how do you feel?” nor do I want to listen to everyone just talk about the same type of superficial thing(s). I need to find more people with inner peace.

I don’t know what makes me so different from everyone else, but I need to find others more like me.

"I pulled more reserve than I ever knew I had" 👈👌

How could anyone not love a man like this? Humble yet amazing and he doesn’t even know it.


You wanted smooth sailing But I’ve always been a tsunami | Create your own beautiful Tumblr quote images. Click here to try it. It’s free.

A tsunami of everything weird in life :) haha.


Feeling like a zombie who doesn’t want to think, clean, or pack lately.  Baby, help mommy out. 

The next year has a lot in store for us - I have never been happier than I am right at this very moment.


Milos, Greece.

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I guess it’s time to start believing it when its not just everyone around you saying “you’re doing too much”.

Nothing sexier than being stimulated in more than just the bed.